Project #3 Experimental Clock


Across the timezones

One interesting thing about time is that it's very relevant to change we can perceive. After moving to New York, I had to keep in mind the difference in timezones (EST and IST)while talking to my friends and family. I'm sure many people who've moved across countries face this to some degree or even across timezones within the united states. There is a reasonable window of time to contact eachother during the day or night. I decided to make a visual representation of this using different clocks and a circular area that becomes bigger as a reasonable time window approaches. When the circular area covers both clocks its the best window of time to connect with your loved ones from across the globe. This mapping is subjective so as the circle get's bigger towards covering both the clocks the time window is approaching and as it gets smaller and away from both the clocks, the time window is getting less optimal. A visual and subjective representation of this instead of having to do the math before calling a friend or your family can makethings a lot easier.

Design Process


NCircular window of time

Other Things


I often struggle with contacting my friends in India at odd times ever since I moved to the states. There have been times where I've called up my best friend to tell her something and it was a 4am call for her. I wanted to have an easier way to tell how late or early it is for the folks back at home withought having to look at the time and count up 10 hours. I would definitely want to give more time and improve on the idea visually.


This project was created based on the Tutorial by Xin Xin and learning to embed it in our code portfolio by Aarati